Tuesday, January 27

Two Years and she still likes me.

Well it is our two year anniversary. Time sure does fly. It just seems like yesterday when I was
getting butterflys when I was around her. I remeber after just knowing her for a little bit that she would be the one for me. I had never felt like that toward anyone. Now two years later I love her even more. I am so proud to be able to say that she is my wife. I love to be able to share my life with Aaron. She is such a joy in my life.

Tuesday, January 6

Aaron left me for a new man. =(

Ever since Christmas Aaron has been acting really different. I am starting to really feel neglected. No this man isn't really real, but he still has taken her from me. Who is this new man. Many of you might know him. He has some cool coveralls, red shirt and hat. You guessed it. It is Mario. You know the video game from nintendo. My Mom got her a Nintendo DS handheld video game for Christmas and I haven't seen my wife since. When we are watching TV I will hear her yelling something like "Dang it" or her new phrase (because she is on the later levels) " This screen is so unfair." I can't lie though I kind of like it, because all my family know that I am kind of a video game nerd. I remind her all the time now when she gets frustrated with the game that she always tells me that "It is just a game". Now she knows my pain when something goes wrong when the game cheats you. I know that I have only lost Aaron for a little bit of time to that little plumber but until then I will have to enjoy her frustrations when she loses firepower or misses a jump.