Tuesday, November 18

Zero to Seven Kids!!!

Sam Riding Oreo

Olivia getting to ride by herself. Aaron was nervous at first.

Abigail look where you are going!!!

Aaron and I this last weekend had the great pleasure of watching Frank and Missy's kids. (And before I tell you how it went I want to say that I have a great respect for Frank and Missy for being able to raise seven kids.) Well from the start the kids tested me. They wanted to see if I was going to be the joking uncle or be the acting parent. I got to say it was not the easiest thing to do. I think that parents go through this... Should I try to be the kids friends and try to be the so called "Cool person" or should I be the parent to them and make them do things that they do not want to do. Like clean up or behave. I got to say that this was hard for me. I think for anyone they want be the their kids friend but I think that when this happens if is detrimental to the kids growth. Children need to have someone that teaches them what is right or wrong not let them grow up making any decision for themselves. That is what they do when they become adults. Now back to the kids. Those twins are so cute but do not let that fool you, they are a handful. Olivia and Abby little Princesses as I call them Kayla is a little mom and Sam and Trey quintessential Rodartes. Meaning joking sassing and being loud. I love each and everyone of them though. I loved be able to spend time with all of them. (And I can not believe I am saying this.) I would watch them again. I also saw my wife Aaron being a MOM. I truly can not wait until we can have kids for ourselves. I saw how much she loves kids and being a Mom. She was so much better than me at watching the kids.

Friday, November 7

Watching Timmy

Aaron and I have been watching this little guy for last couple days. Crystal got surgery on her knee on Tuesday so we have had Timmy for a couple days now. We were only going to have him for the one day but Aaron said that when she brought him home to see his Mom he did not understand that his mom was hurt. He just ran and jumped on her when he saw his mommy. Aaron thought that we should take until Friday when his dad could help more being home from work. Aaron and I love having Timmy over it gives us something to do other that watching TV. He is a busy little guy. I feel sorry for Mercede though Timmy loves to chase her around and play around with her. He such a sweet little kid. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He loves chocolate milk (he keeps running out if milk because Aaron loves it too) and he loves to be loud. We love having him. Crystal better be careful Aaron and I might not bring him back. Now more about Crystal. She is doing alright. The first day she was getting around good. The only thing she didn't not realize is that the good pain medicine was still in her from the surgery. Kevin told me that she was walking around... You know how us Rodartes are always pushing it to hard. She paid the price though, yesterday her knee was extremely swollen. Her pain medicine is not working at all. And she is bed ridden. She is in good spirits though. One funny thing though. On Halloween we had some birthdays and for dinner we had enchiladas. The Sunday before we had enchilads. You can see where on I am going with this. On Monday they had leftovers of enchiladas from Halloween. On Tuesday her friend brought enchiladas over for the family. And on Wednesday another friend brought over dinner. Can you guess what it was? YES ENCHILADAS. Funny huh? Well that has been our week hope everyone has a good weekend.