Thursday, December 18

Finding a place to do her duty...good luck!!!

My poor baby! The snow is deeper than her tiny body!

Thursday, December 4

College football fix!!!

"Perhaps the most memorable college football game of the last few years was Boise State vs Oklahoma, in part because Boise was the unbeaten underdog that wasn’t supposed to win. When it did, in dramatic fashion, it became the talk of the country. There would’ve been historic interest in seeing if the Broncos could do it again the following week." (Dan Wetzel Yahoo sports.) I agree with this statment so much. I would have loved to see Boise State the next week playing for the national championship. I think that the way college football is now the one true team does not win the national championship every year. The polls and ranking are so biased by people opinions that the same teams every year are near the top regardless of how many losses they have. It is frustrating to me that when a team wins all of there games that the get punished for not being in a BCS conference. I found this mock playoff for this year and thought it would be cool if it did ever happen. I know that for me that it would make it so more exciting to watch a playoff. I would love to see if a lower conference team could win a higher conference team. And with the playoff the best team would win every year. Not just by how they landed at number won in the standing. Sorry for boring any women that read this I had to put some manly stuff on here to let everyone know that I am a manly man.