Thursday, October 30

Horse Back Riding

Jed alway posing for the cameraDad

I have never been here but I know it is above My Gradmas house.

The Cowboy

Aaron and Shiela

Aaron has been horseback riding with my Dad and Family. She has been working with these horses because they do not get ridden so they need to be trained again to get used to people and everything. She has so much fun because she get to spend One on One time with my Dad. She loves being able to share her love of riding with him. And everytime she sees a smile on his face it makes her happy too.

Aaron Flying

Aaron went flying with Nichole and Randy. She said that she had a blast. When Randy let Aaron fly she said that she was so nervous. My guess is because she couldn't see over the controls. Aaron when up there to take some pictures of the jobs for the Chritmas party. It worked out for both of us because she had a great time.

Sunday, October 26

Our Day!

My cancelation finally came through! It was the most special day. Andy and I were sealed last Friday, October 24th. I have never felt this close to the Spirit or my husband as I did on this day.


What a wonderful experience to share this with Aaron. I love her so much and when this day finally came I could not believe it. We had been waiting for her cancellation for almost 2 years and when we got the letter telling us that we finally could be sealed together there was not anything that would make me more happy. Aaron truly is the one person that can make me happy and to be able to be sealed for time and all eternity makes feel so blessed. She brighten my everyday that I get to wake up next her. (If I don't fall asleep on the couch that is... SORRY AARON). My wife looked so beautiful that day being in the Temple.