Monday, August 10

Rodarte Family Reunion


Great Grandchildren


That's right.... My family had the annual Rodarte Family reunion this last weekend. All that joined in sure did have some fun. It all started on Friday and lasted until Sunday night. You would not believe how much food we went through. It is amazing to me how long you had to cook for to feed so many people. I was on the grill a couple times and I was cooking for hours to get the food ready. I didn't mind cooking but it sure was a lot of work. All in all I had a great time and can't wait until next year.
P.S. I have a confession... On Friday there was a chili cook off and I didn't have time to run home a make chili so I went to Albertson's by my office and bought some Stagg original chili. I luckily didn't win but I guess I was a close to winning. I would have felt bad if would have won. I did put some extra ingredients so that helped. It was funny though because people were saying how good it was and asked what I put in it. I told my brother Jed that it was Stagg chili and he said that he thought it looked like it and that he was going to ask me. Oh I also beat 5 other chilies. So if you are in a bind you know what to do now if you need to enter a chili cook off. It is funny how if people knew that is was from a can I would not have received one vote.

Friday, August 7

Fun in the Sun

Aaron and I went to Sand Lakes, Oregon to ride in the sand dunes. It is always fun to go hang out with family and friends. The weather was perfect for riding. We all got are TAN ON! The last day we were there we found a Scout Camp I never knew was there. There also was a lake at the camp that had huge salamandors in it. Here are a few pics of our weekend.